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About Us

Who are we? promotes and runs multiple weathercaster contests. First, we go city by city electing their favorites local weathercasters. Then, we boost bigger campaigns, contemplating wider regions (West, Midwest, South, East Coast and entire America).

What do we do? is the only place where fans can show how much they love their local weathercasters. Therefore, we provide a deeper connection between fans and weathercasters.


Our Campaigns

How do they work? They are pretty simple: fans go to a link and vote for their favorite weathercaster.  Fans can also comment on the page and share the link themselves.

How do we run them? We strongly promote them through our website and social media channels; particularly Twitter and Facebook.

Who can participate? Local TV & radio stations weathercasters.        

How long do they last? On average, a campaign lasts between one and two weeks.

Who can vote? Anyone can vote once every 12 hours, one weathercaster at a time.

PS.: cannot manipulate votes. We can only remove of add candidates after a campaign has started.

How can you help?

Weathercasters & TV Stations: we will provide you with many different Twitter messages and Facebook posts once a day, until the campaign ends. Try to share them as much as you think is appropriate, also through Facebook and Twitter.

Fans: spread the word! Share the links with your friends!