Vote for Cleveland's Favorite Weathercaster

Weatherist’s "America’s Favorite Weathercaster" contest is now in Cleveland!

Vote for Jacksonville's Favorite Weathercaster

Weatherist’s "America’s Favorite Weathercaster" contest is now in Jacksonville!

Vote for El Paso's Favorite Weathercaster

Weatherist’s "America’s Favorite Weathercaster" contest is now in El Paso!

Vote for Memphis's Favorite Weathercaster

Weatherist’s "America’s Favorite Weathercaster" contest is now in Memphis!

Vote for Austin's Favorite Weathercaster

Weatherist’s "America’s Favorite Weathercaster" contest is now in Austin!

Vote for NYC's Favorite Weathercaster

Weatherist’s "America’s Favorite Weathercaster" contest is now in New York City!

Kristin Walls is Louisville's Favorite Weathercaster

After over 10,000 votes, Kristin Walls of WHAS11 was recently named "Louisville’s Favorite Weathercaster"

Vote for Charleston's Favorite Weathercaster

Weatherist’s "America’s Favorite Weathercaster" contest is now in Charleston!

Vote for Louisville's Favorite Weathercaster

Weatherist’s "America’s Favorite Weathercaster" contest is now in Louisville!

Lightning Strikes Moving Pickup Truck

Amazing video of lightning striking a moving pickup truck!

Vote for Philadelphia's Favorite Weathercaster

Weatherist’s “America’s Favorite Weathercaster” contest is now in Philadelphia!  

Gary Lezak is Kansas City's Favorite Weathercaster

Gary Lezak of KSHB-TV was recently voted "Kansas City’s Favorite Weathercaster". We had a chance to sit down with Gary to discuss how his job has evolved over the years, his love for his viewers, and much more.

Who is Kansas City's Favorite Weathercaster? Vote Now!

Weatherist’s “America’s Favorite Weathercaster” contest is now in Kansas City!  

Weatherman Defends Himself On-Air

College kid decides to run into Jim’s live shot. Jim knees him in the groin. Nice work.

Ryan Vaughan: "Region 8" is an Amazing Place with Amazing Viewers

Ryan Vaughan of KAIT-TV in Jonesboro, Arkansas was recently voted "America’s Favorite Weather Forecaster". We had a chance to sit down with Ryan to discuss how his job has evolved over the years, his love for his viewers, and much more.

Ryan Vaughan is America's Favorite Weather Forecaster

After two weeks of intense votingRyan Vaughan of KAIT in Jonesboro, Arkansas has been named America’s Favorite Weather Forecaster.

Polar Vortex Hits Los Angeles

Extreme cold hits Southern California!

Vote for America's Favorite Weather Forecaster

Who is America’s Favorite Weather Forecaster? We scoured the country and found 17 worthy finalists. Vote below for your favorite. 

Best News Bloopers of 2013

Our favorite news bloopers from 2013.

America's Favorite Weather Forecaster Nominations

It’s that time of year again!  Weatherist is conducting it’s "America’s Favorite Forecaster" contest.  Through the end of 2013 we will be collecting nominations.

News Anchor Blasts Viewers for Snow Pictures

Kyle Clark of Denver 9News shares his thoughts on snow-covered patio furniture pictures.

Amazing Wedding Fail Compilation

What does this have to do with Weather?  Watch the video to find out.

Now you can get The Most Probable Forecast in your pocket!  Download the Weatherist App for iOS today.

Weatherman Goes Wild

Now you can get The Most Probable Forecast in your pocket!  Download the Weatherist App for iOS today.

Space Shuttle Endeavour's Final Trek

This stunning time lapse captures Endeavour’s final journey across the U.S. to the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

Seizure-inducing Lightning Time Lapse is Pretty Cool

This seizure-inducing time lapse was captured near Sloan, Iowa on October 4th, 2013.

Massive Water Spouts Captured on Tape in Kenosha

Massive water spouts were filmed and photographed near Kenosha, WI on September 12, 2013.

The Elevator Weatherman

Watch what happens when Greg delivers the weather forecast to strangers in an elevator…

Terrifying Tornado Footage from Italy

A tornado ripped through a Milan province on Monday, causing millions of euros worth of damage.

Lighting Strikes Pittsburgh and it is Awesome

Tim Betler tweeted this amazing photo of lighting striking Pittsburgh.

Pike's Peak Tornado Caught on Video

This tornado was filmed at Pike’s Peak (14,110 feet) by LaRae Gallant on Saturday.

Weatherist Announces Sharknado Detection System

We’re concerned about Sharknadoes, and you should be too.

Incredible Photos and Video of Tampa Water Spout

This water spout was spotted in Tampa on July 8, 2013 and captured in these amazing photos and video.

Amazing Time Lapse of San Francisco Fog

Simon Christen put together this amazing video as a "love letter" to the fog of San Francisco.  Enjoy!

Watches, Warnings, and Advisories - What’s The Difference?

You’ve seen it a million times. You are watching your favorite program on television and that scrolling bar appears at the bottom. It says something along the lines of “The National Weather Service in (your local forecast office city) has issued a (some kind of weather hazard, ex: Severe Thunderstorm) Warning until 10:00 PM.  For some, this scrolling bar appears as a foreign language.

The Cold Facts of Wind Chill

Have you ever experienced a windy day where it felt much colder than the thermometer suggested?  More than likely you experienced the wind chill effect.  Meteorologists on television are always highlighting the wind chill during cold and windy outbreaks.

Historical Blizzard Leaves New England Coast Buried

Long Island to New York City, all the way up through Boston and Providence, Maine experienced transportation shutdowns, electricity outages, and even a few mandatory curfews.  Again the northeastern U.S. experienced a “historical” storm, this time a potent nor’easter and not a hurricane.  This coastal storm started out as a small disturbance in Texas and trekked up the coastline gradually gaining strength.

Nap Time Almost Up For Famous Groundhog

Nestled in the hills of west-central Pennsylvania is a small town with a population of about 6,000.  On your average day, Punxsutawney appears to be a normal town.  People go about their business at a normal pace. Everything is good….and then February rolls around and things get wild.

Wild Weather and the NFL

Get the buffalo chicken dip ready. The Playoffs are over and the Super Bowl is just around the corner.  There are many things that excite me when it comes football.  I look forward to the hard hits, big plays, and even rooting for teams I normally don’t root for (we’ll get them next year St. Louis).

The 2012 Severe Weather Warning Year in Review

Great video showing every weather warning the National Weather Service issued for 2012.  

Monitor the Weather with Your Own Personal Weather Station

The weather outside affects the activities we do every day. Most people rely on local weather reports to obtain their weather information to get through the week. Wouldn’t it be helpful to get weather information that was quicker, more local, and more beneficial to you?

Extreme Weather Events That Rocked 2012

2012 is coming to an end and it’s time to take a look back on the main weather events from the year.  2012 has been the year of extremes with an active hurricane season, tornado outbreaks, abnormally warm temperatures and drought making headlines across the nation.

Throwing Boiling Water From a Russian Balcony

Ever wanted to throw boiling water from a balcony in freezing weather just to see what would happen?  Now you don’t have to - this guy in Russian did it for you.

Need A Christmas Gift Idea? Check Out These Weather Related Gifts

It’s that time of the year.  Thanksgiving is over with. Black Friday has passed. Cyber Monday is gone and if you are like me you are still scrambling for gift ideas for family members and loved ones.  Finding gifts for people can be tough but sometimes people over think what people may like.  That is why I’m here to present some gift ideas to make your life easier.  Weather affects people everyday so why not get them something weather related?

A Look Back at the 2012 Hurricane Season

With November 30th quickly approaching, it is just about time to say goodbye to the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season.  Before we let the season slip into the past however, let’s take a trip down memory lane and recap the busy season.

Those Affected By Sandy Brace For Another Storm

It’s been about a week since Hurricane Sandy came barreling into New Jersey with strong winds, heavy rain, and a storm surge unlike any other seen by people in this region.  Since that day, people have been picking up the pieces trying to return to a sense of normalcy.

Incredible Hurricane Sandy Con Ed Explosion Caught on Video

A possible Con Ed explosion caused by Hurricane Sandy was caught on film.

Projected Path for Hurricane Sandy

Google Crisis Response has put together a great interactive map showing Hurricane Sandy’s projected path.

Forgetful Forecaster

Weather forecasters are often criticized for getting it wrong - but not normally like this.

Mt. Evans High Altitude Tornado Video

Video and pictures from the high altitude tornado that formed on Mt Evans on July 28th, 2012.

Your Life, Your Weather

Speaking of living your life in the weather, we want to see exactly how the weather is a part of your day. Yes, it’s true, seeing a picture of a phenomenal sunset or a sick lightning storm is really cool but what we want to know is how that sunset or lightning affected your life.

Keith Marler: Accuracy is the Foundation

In the first of a series to help familiarize readers with some of America’s weather forecasters, Weatherist spoke with Keith Marler, winner of Weatherist’s “America’s Favorite Weather Forecaster” contest, and meteorologist and morning host at KMSP in Minneapolis.

Keith Marler Voted America’s Favorite Weather Forecaster

The people, as they say, have spoken. And the title of America’s Most Favorite Weather Forecaster goes to … (drum roll) … Keith Marler, morning meteorologist at KMSP (Fox) in Minneapolis.

Your Favorite Weather Forecaster

The nominations are in!  We had an overwhelming response with 60+ nominations for your favorite weather forecaster.  The polls will close on Friday, March 2nd at midnight and you can vote once per day.

14 Years of US Weather Radar

This animation covers over 14 years of United States weather. It is composed of 120,900 individual frames spaced 1 hour apart.

Nominate Your Favorite Individual Forecaster

Nominate your favorite forecaster below and we will compile the top submissions into a brand new poll.  Nominations will be open until midnight on Friday, February 10th and the new polls will open Monday, February 13th.  So show your favorite forecaster some love and nominate them now!

To Be A Forecaster - Part 1

I’d like to talk about the hardships of forecasting severe weather in New England. Sometimes it seems like everything goes wrong in a day. Many big severe weather events have panned out exactly like that.

Denver Weatherman Slip of the Tongue

Denver weatherman congratulates the anchor on his "Big Hooters"?

Crowd Funding for an All-Weather Track

A San Francisco company touts crowd-funding as a way to raise $4.5 million to build an all-weather field and track at Joseph George Middle School in San Jose

How To Submit Your Own Forecasts on

One of the great features of is the ability for users to submit their own forecasts.  This feature allows you, the user, to compete with the pros and potentially end up at the top of our leaderboard.

Pelican Attacks Weatherman

Steve Jacobs is bit on the butt by a pelican on live TV.

Weather Graphics Fail

Studies show that most viewers watch local news just for the weather—this might be a new technique for delivering the forecast!

Weatherman Attacked by Cockroach On-Air

A local weatherman in Florida absolutely freaks out when a cockroach runs across his leg while taping his segment.

Wearing Green on the Green Screen

Scott Steele from TMJ4 Milwaukee wears a green tie on the green screen.

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