Your Favorite Weather Teams

While much of the country was focused on the polls for the Republican primary, we here at were focused on the polls to vote for your favorite weather team.  We had over 6500 votes cast for the 10 cities that participated in the poll.

Vote For Your Favorite Chicago Weather Team

Vote for your favorite Chicago weather team.  The polls will be open throughout the month of January and you can vote once per day.

U.S. Worst Weather Airports

With millions of travelers taking to the skies for the holiday weekend, it may be too late to do something about this type of list now.

Jeff Tweedy of Wilco does the Weather at WGN

WGN weatherman, Paul Konrad, steps aside as Jeff Tweedy of Wilco does the morning weather report. and WGN Top Ranked Forecasters in Chicago and WGN were the most accurate forecasters in Chicago for the month of November.

For Skilling, There Is No Such Thing as Bad Weather

“We’re not perfect. We’re still thrown curves, but we’re right a lot more than people think,” Skilling said. “I always tell them I won’t take credit for the good days if they don’t blame me for the bad ones.”

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